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Energy Saver - Uniquenesses

High power - 1 unit for an average size house

The Energy Saver is rated 9.1 kW (there is an option for a 10.6 kW model). This makes it 60 % more powerful than comparable models.

It has received a number of enhancements, important ones are larger indoor and outdoor heat exchanger, improved air flow and latest generation compressor and fan technology.

The Energy Saver with these improvements and its high capacity is uniquely powerful enough to heat an average sized home with just one unit - other makes would need two to four units to do the same job. Costs normally double with a doubling of units.

Example heat distribution.

Much more powerful at low temperatures
The majority of air source heat pumps on the market have been designed for cooling or air conditioning purposes, and to be installed in climates much warmer than the UK.

In such a location there would be little need to a) have an efficient heating capability, and b) design the unit so that it works at low temperatures. Therefore, non Energy Saver air source heat pumps are designed to provide heat only down to a few degrees below zero. The unit's electronic controls will shut down the unit to protect it when the temperature drops below -5º C. Further, the efficiency drops off very quickly once the temperature falls below + 7º C, with only 50 % of the total capacity at - 4 º C. With other words, non Energy Saver ASHPs do not provide sufficient heating when the heating is needed.

In contrast, the EHS Energy saver retains 80 % of the total capacity at - 4 º C, and is certified to work down to minus 15º C, where it still retains 65-70 % of the total capacity.

Low failure rates
In Sweden, air source heat pump users normally claim on their household insurance if they have a fault. The insurance companies are keen to see that users buy the best unit to minimise insurance payouts, hence they publish detailed heat pump failure statistics. It is easy to see which units have the least amount of failuers with data currently going back to 1999 and with 700,000 units installed.

The Energy Saver equivalent model marketed in Sweden achieves best-in-class failures of one percent on average since 2004, and for the last year of statistics there have been no failures of that unit.

Low noise levels

The Energy Saver has been engineered to be extremely quiet. We don't hear user complaints about noise once the unit is installed.

The low noise level is achieved through correct usage, and we provide usage training with the unit.

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