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Savings Calculator

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This Savings Calculator will give you an indication of typical savings that can be achieved for an average size domestic house.
Your individual savings performance may vary depending on:
• Insulation level
• Layout, open plan houses may be slightly easier to heat
• Local climate
We have done long term running cost measurements and found these factors will normally have a small impact of up to 30%.

How to use

Change only the first two (Heating source and AnnualHeating Bill).
For Gas and Heating oil, input the amount you pay for Gas or Heating Oil (exclude electricity costs).
For Electricity, input the full cost.

Heating source  Select one
Annual heating bill? (£)
Your new space heating bill
Savings £ per year
Savings % per year
Payback period, years

This calculation is an estimate based on long term usage measurements (see here for more details). Individual savings may vary from the above.

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