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The Energy Saver works as a highly effective heater which can be extremely cheap to run – if you follow these simple guide lines.

Keep the unit on

Heat distribution as well as running costs is improved if you leave the unit running – that is to say do not turn off the unit if you leave the building for a few hours, or at night. It is better to lower the temperature on the remote by a few degrees if required.

Keep doors open

Heat distribution is also improved if you leave doors open as much as possible. The unit will not perform well if doors are shut.

Optionally we can supply a fan assissted Heat Transfer Kit to improve circulation while doors are closed.


The warm air will spread around the house over time, as the unit will minimise temperature differences. The Energy Saver circulates 250-500 cubic metres of air per hour.

The indoor unit should be placed in an open area giving the unit the ability to circulate the air in the house.


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