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The Energy Saver heating solution has been installed in many village and meeting halls across Great Britain since 2007. There are case studies for several of the village halls, click on the ones that are underlined to learn more.

Abthorpe Village Hall, Northamptonshire
Awre Village Hall, Gloucestershire
Boys Brigade Alexandria Glasgow
Bryngwyn Parish Room, Monmouthshire
Burghead Village Hall, Morayshire
Catherine Street Community Centre, Aberdeen
Codsall Village Hall, Wolverhampton
Colebrooke village Hall, Devon
Cordes Hall Sunninghill, Surrey
Cubert Village Hall, Cornwall
Drax Village Hall, Yorkshire
Eversley Village Hall, Hampshire
Glenbuchat Hall, Aberdeenshire
Hope Village Hall, Shropshire
Jubilee Hall Portlethen, Aberdeenshire
Johnshaven Village Hall, Aberdeenshire
Kilve Village Hall, Kilve, Somerset
Llanishen Village Hall, Monmouthshire
Logie Coldstone Village Hall, Aberdeenshire
Llanwarne Village Hall, Herefordshire
Macrobert Village Hall, Aberdeenshire
Mancetter Memorial Hall, Warvickshire
Markyate Scout hut St Albans
Membury Village Hall, Devon
Milton Village Hall, Derbyshire
Mortlach & Dufftown Hall, Aberdeenshire
Nethy Bridge Hall Aberdeenshire
Paulerspury village hall
Pitmedden Hall, Aberdeenshire
Queniborough Scout hall, Leicestershire
Robertsbridge Village Hall, East Sussex
Sibbertoft Reading Room, Northamptonshire
Shree Ram Mandir Walsall
Siddington Village Hall, Gloucestershire
Snailbeach Village Hall, Shropshire
St Cuthberts Church hall North Wembley
St Patricks Church Hall Chislehurst, Kent
St Vigeans Church Hall, Angus
The Hay Memorial Hall, Aberdeenshire
The Lodge Ullesthorp, Leicestershire
Thorpe Mandeville village hall, Banbury
The Phoenix Community Centre, Sandwich, Kent
Yelvertoft Village Hall, Northamptonshire
Usk Centenary Hall, Usk, Monmouthshire
Waternish Village Hall. Isle of Skye

Most of our hall customers get grants for the upfront cost of the solution. There are many different grants available depending on your location. There are also national schemes that can fund up to £ 10,000.

Village halls often have the problem where end users raise the temperature and then forget to lower it when leaving, forcing the caretaker to visit the hall after every use. Our recently launched optional Enhanced Village Hall (EVH) solution takes care of this problem, as it enables automatic running cost control with no caretaker involvement. Users have their own simple control where they can alter the temperature, and there is a locked away master controller which is programmed to set back the temperature automatically to the desired background temperature. Optionally there is also a movement sensor which automatically raises the temperature with 4 degrees C. The temperature drops back 4 degrees 20 minutes after people leave the hall. A further option is smartphone / tablet control (requires broadband at the hall).

Contact us for further information about the Energy Saver and grants.

Typical examples:

Siddington Village Hall, Siddington Nr Cirencester, Gloucestershire

Siddington Village Hall was built in 1921 on land off Ashton Road in the centre of Siddington village which is approximately 2 miles south from the attractive Cotswold town of Cirencester in Gloucestershire.
In the words of the trustee:

"In the spring of 2016 we decided to update the heating in the main hall at our village hall site. This was changing from elderly electric night storage heaters to an Air to Air Heat Pump System. After getting a number of quotes from different companies we selected EHS due to the professionalism of the quotation process, good price and specified capability of the proposed system. Hans from EHS was very happy to answer all our questions about the details and capabilities of the system and offered to attend a meeting of our trustees/management group to explain these details. Hans also recommended applying to the Lottery to help cover the cost, which proved very beneficial as we were successful in being awarded a grant to cover the complete costs and in a very short timescale.

Once the order was placed the installation was quick and trouble free.

The system has been in continuous use for a year now and we have seen a number of significant benefits:
  •  Our overall electricity costs for the year have reduced by over 40%.
  •  The hall is always pleasantly warm, rather than over warm in the morning and cool in the evening.
  •  All our regular users have  commented how effective it is.
  •  The system is very quiet both inside and outside.
  •  We have close residential neighbours adjacent to where the external units had to be  sited but have had no complaints about noise.
  •  Increased available floor space. 4 commercial floor-standing storage heaters and their guards were replaced by two discrete  wall-mounted units.
Based on the success of the system installed in our main hall, we have now commissioned EHS to install an Air to Air Ducted heating system for the rest of the building which includes our kitchen, Meeting room, toilets and storage areas."

Kilve Village Hall, Kilve, Somerset

Kilve Village Hall, Kilve Nr Bridgewater Somerset is a Victorian building with a floor space of about 110m2 and ceiling heigh of 4 metres in the main hall, and 40m2 in the secondary hall.

Environmental Heating Solutions Ltd was contacted by the Kilve Village Hall committee in the spring of 2010, and we installed one unit in the main hall, and one unit in the secondary hall in late 2010. The units have been operating very well with no service interruption since that date.

Pat Wooley, Village Hall Coordinator “We had been looking at the village hall refurbishment for some time. Heating an older building was difficult and costly using electric wall heaters. Hall users had to feed £1 coins into the meter to operate the heating, this proved very expensive and the heating was inefficient. We first met with EHS in the spring of 2010 and liked the idea of their heating solution, so we asked them to come back and present to the village hall committee. We decided to proceed and the units were fitted in early November 2010. They have been working fine ever since and our heating costs have dropped considerably. The hall is now much warmer and use has increased significantly. I also have a unit fitted in my home and so have many others in the village. I would be very happy to recommend Environmental Heating Solutions to anybody else.“

Logie Coldstone Village Hall, Aberdeenshire

Logie Coldstone is a small village located in west Aberdeenshire on the edge of the Grampians. As you would expect from the name it is not a very warm place. The hall was built in 1897 and by 2003 it was in bad shape. After extensive fund raising a complete refurbishment was instigated and completed in 2013.

We were selected for heating and we specified a concealed solution. The results have been rather good (see below) and internally we now refer to the hall as Logie Warmstone.

Architecture and Design Scotland has written a fine case study about the refurbishment, see here for details.

To quote from that case study:
"There is a visitors’ book in the hall and the Trust has received many positive comments. Feedback has indicated that the space is now warm, bright and inviting. Hall users have commented on the incomparable comfort level the air source heat pumps and added insulation have offered. It is hard to ascertain whether true carbon savings are being made, as the hall is being used much more than it was before the refurbishment. It could be argued that as the hall is used more often, the community are gathering more frequently as a group in the hall, rather than heating several individual houses."
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The Phoenix Community Centre, Sandwich, Kent

The Phoenix Community Centre in Sandwich, Kent (Web site) was restored in phases from 2006 to 2010, and a range of environmental and ecological solutions was considered for each part of the restoration. Environmental Heating Solutions Ltd supplied the heating for the 1st phase in 2007 and also for the 2nd phase in the spring of 2010. There are now five units in all. Most of the time 2-3 units are used but all five may be used when it is cold.

Phil Scott, Chair: “We came across Environmental Heating Solutions Ltd at Ecobuild in the spring of 2007. We were attracted to the idea of the air source heatpumps and sought quotes from several suppliers. Environmental Heating Solutions Ltd was charging considerably less than anybody else and also had the required product knowledge and also was proposing superior units so we decided to proceed. We first installed two units in the late spring of 2007 and added another three units in 2010. The units have been very good and have never broken down and are providing a very comfortable level of heat with no cold spots. The running costs have been extremely low and we are heating the whole building of more than 300m2 with a ceiling height of 4m in parts for only £ 500 per year. We can thoroughly recommend Environmental Heating Solutions Ltd to others and we have done so on numerous occasions.“

Usk Centenary Hall, Usk, Monmouthshire

The Usk Centenary Hall (Web site) was built in 2008. The main hall is 13 by 17 metres and approximately 4 metres high. It has been heated by equipment from Environmental Heating Solutions since the start. The units are normally kept on 24/7 in the heating season.

Nigel Meeks, hall committe: “We had found Environmental Heating Solutions in the autumn of 2007. We did visit some of their reference sites and this stacked up so we asked their representative to attend a site meeting in early 2008. We decided to proceed and the user experience has been great as the hall has never been cold, not even during the severe winters of 2009-10 and 2010-11. The units are very easy to use, and the only time they seem to be less effective is when we have forgotten to clean the filters for a few months. Running costs are estimated at £ 400 per year which is extremely low for a building of more than 200 m2 with fairly high ceilings. The units have never failed and we look forward to many more years of usage. I have been so impressed with the solution so I have put one in my own home with great results, and my daughter is considering one for her home. We can thoroughly recommend Environmental Heating Solutions Ltd to others and we have done so on numerous occasions, including to our neighbours in our local village where numerous people have bought. The local village hall has also installed the solution.“

Catherine Street Community Centre, Aberdeen

Aberdeen Council is keen to further the environmental agenda and is continously seeking to reduce its environmental impact. EHS was contacted in mid 2010 about the need to modernise the heating system at the Catherine St Community Centre in central Aberdeen (total size 532 m2). A number of presentations were made and EHS had to demonstrate a payback period of less than 5 years, which we could.

Three ceiling mounted units were installed early in 2011, and an energy consumption meter was fitted in mid 2011. After a full winter season of heating the EHS solution has been proven to use only £745 which represents a saving of 81% compared to the previous heating system running costs.

The council is now planning to roll out the EHS technology across its property portfolio.

The Hay Memorial Hall, Aberdeenshire

Centrally located within the village of Cornhill in Aberdeenshire this fine old stone building was costing around £3,500 a year to heat. Several options were investigated for renewable energy heating forms but were discounted - ground source heat pumps because there was no land available, air to water air source heat pumps because the existing radiators were the wrong type to work with low flow temperatures and under-floor heating was out of the question since a new sprung floor would be required.

The Main Hall (measuring 14m x 9m x 6.4mH) offered an ideal situation for the EHS Energy Saver air to air Heat Pump solution, which had already been proven locally for more than two years in the garden centre in Forres. Planning consent was readily obtained as the outdoor units were proven whisper quiet and extremely unobtrusive. The first winter has now passed and the running costs are less than £500 a year with the system operating 24/7 during the heating season to ensure hall users always enter a warm space. Saving £3,000/year the heat pumps will enable payback within 3 years.

Llanishen Village Hall, Llanishen, nr Chepstow

The Village hall had been heated with oilfired underfloor heating, which cost an absolute fortune. A number of options including solar panels and ground source heat pumps were considered but rejected.

EHS was contacted in October 2011 and two EHS Energy Savers were fitted in November 2011 heating the main space of 180 m2 with a ceiling height of about 5 metres.

The performance of the units has been excellent and the underfloor heating was disconnected after only two months of Energy Saver usage as it was no longer needed.

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