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The concealed solution can be delivered with four heating capacities, 9.1 kw, 11.2 kw, 12.7 kW and 15.5 kW.

The indoor unit is hidden away in a loft space / attic and the only visible parts are ventilation grilles. Air distribution is through hidden ducts.

Indoor unit here.

Air is distributed from the indoor unit to the different spaces / rooms that need heating. Dampers may be fitted to regulate air flow/temperature.

The return air to the indoor unit is either collected through vents in each room or directly under the indoor unit.

Each vent is only 200 * 200 mm or 150 * 150 mm.
We recommend this solution for;
  •  Buildings where the visual impact of the indoor unit would not be acceptable
  •  Buildings where more than one room needs to be heated with one unit
  •  Village halls with a separate kitchen and a smaller room
  •  Bungalows
Options depending on the model installed:
  •  High capacity heat output - up to 31.5 kW. Requires 3 phase electrical supply.
  •  Touch screen wired remote
  •  Smart phone / tablet control
  •  Group control - use one wired controller for more than one unit
  •  Outdoor unit protective case
Please see our downloads  page for dimensions. Please see our remote  page for the control options

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  • DechairsDeckchairs
    Indoor unit
  • DechairsDeckchairs
    Outdoor unit - for 9.1, 11.2 and 12.7 kW
  • DechairsDeckchairs
    Large outdoor unit - for 15.5 kW

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