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EHS has installed the Energy Saver in about 100 domestic properties across the UK. We installed the first unit in High Wycombe, Bucks in March 2007. We have had only one failure and that was the controller inoperable (the unit still worked). Examination found that mice had chewed the wiring, which we repaired free of charge.

  • About 30 homes on Islay, Scotland. The customers are very happy as it is very difficult to economically heat houses due  to the local climate.

  • Further installations across Scotland in various locations: Applecross, Oban, Isle of Skye, Aberdeen, Cromarty, Lanarkshire, Fort William and Glasgow.

  • Many more across England and Wales: Maidenhead, Reading, Somerset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Gloucesterhire, Surrey, Sussex, Monmouthshire (multiple installations), Pembrokeshire, Cornwall.

  • The solution is proven in virtually any type of building - newbuild, church conversions, period farm houses, semi-detached, victorian etc.

    Typical user experiences

    Dave and Yvonne S., Nr Chepstow

    "We had a unit fitted in September 2011. Our gas bills are well down. We used to have 5 or 6 Calor (LPG) deliveries a year (depending on weather & usage), but are now down to 2 or 3; each costs us about £500. The gas powers the cooker and the combi boiler which used to be on most of the day at weekends, and an hour in the morning & several hours in the evening during the working week. Now we only have the central heating on for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening all week; with the unit on permanently this is sufficient for most of the year (other than really cold periods). As always, a wood burning stove tops up from time to time but is more for the 'cosy' effect.

    The extra electricity is about £10-£15 per month (approx Sept to March) to run the unit - so I reckon it pays for itself in little more than a year! Brilliant!

    I have been extolling its virtues to my friends as the 'best bit of kit I've ever bought'"

    The Kelly family, South Lanarkshire

    "I had two units installed in September 2011. We were using over £4,000 of oil to heat our large old farmhouse and we could barely afford the bills anymore. The rising cost of oil was really concerning us. The units were installed over a couple of days with minimum fuss or mess and they were up and blasting out heat by the end of the second day! We have been nice and toasty ever since and we had our first winter without shivering in our own home. Previously we could only have the oil heating on for about 4 — 6 hours per day and this just wasn't enough. We are now warm all the time and have the units set about 21 degrees which seems to suit us best. We only use the oil boiler to heat our hot water so our bill has been reduced to about £500 for the year for oil. The house is also less damp because it is being heated constantly so we have noticed a big change there too.

    The best thing about it is the nice constant temperature and if it gets colder then at the flick of a button we have instant heat, not having to wait for radiators to warm up and do their job. It's instant, constant and even better we have hardly noticed a difference in our electricity bills.

    We couldn't be happier and plan to install units in our holiday home too."

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