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Running cost

Our enchanced heat pump solution is about 380 % efficient (Seasonally average coefficient of performance). In real life the efficiency experienced may be up to double that because of the enhancements (see this page for further info)

The solution's running cost has been verified using industry standard methods (EN14511) and is rated to consume about 230 kWh per year of electricity for each kW of supplied heating. A standard 9 KW unit would therefore cost about £ 290 per year in running costs at 14p per kWh. (This compares very favourably to an electric radiator, which could cost 10 times as much in running costs.)

In fact, we have found through extensive long term on site measurements - see here for details, that the actual in building running cost is only about two thirds of the EN14511 lab test results, taking the annual running cost of a 9 kW unit down to about £ 200 per year.

We also have extensive running cost verifications at many of our customer sites, see here for details.
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