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Village Hall Heating - Efficient, environmentally friendly low cost heating at very low running costs

Covid-19 and EHS
EHS is open for business. We can visit you in a covid safe manner and provide advice on solutions and grant funding. We are also able to do virtual visits and surveys. Our thoughts are with our clients in these challenging times. Please follow government advice and stay safe.

EHS provides cost efficient and environmentally friendly heat pump heating solutions to charities, businesses and homeowners. Our solutions are proven, simple to use and with close to zero failure rates. We operate across the United Kingdom with regional representation in multiple locations. EHS also provides advice on grants, regulations, heat loss calculations, dimensioning and engineering / installation.

Siddington, Gloucestershire

Cubert, Cornwall

Membury, Devon

Burghead, Morayshire

  •  Low Purchase cost
  •  Low running cost
  •  Large CO2reduction 
  •  Several hundreds installed
  •  Very powerful
  •  Optimised for heating
  •  Rapid installation
  •  Low maintenance
  •  Many types of solutions
  •  Easy to operate
  •  Very quiet
  •  Temperature difference reduction
  •  Reduced condensation
  •  Cleaner air
Customer testimonials

Village Halls

We have installed our solution in 37 village halls across Great Britain.
More details here link.

Phoenix Centre, Sandwich Kent

"We are heating 300m2 for only £ 500 per year".
More info link.

Usk Centenary Hall

"Running costs of only £ 400 per year for 200m2".
More info link.

Kilve Village Hall, Somerset

"Our heating costs have dropped considerably".
More info link.

Catherine Street Community Centre, Aberdeen

Heating cost reduction of 81%
More info link.

The Hay Memorial Hall, Aberdeenshire

Saving £ 3,000/year, payback 2 years.
More info link.

Customer locations
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  •  Village and meeting halls, Scout huts
  •  Residential - modern and period
  •  Manufacturing and offices
  •  Churches
  •  Garden and retail centres
  •  Hotels and Holiday lets
  •  Museums

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